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SCANCAPS for Prosthetic Alignment

SCANCAPS for Prosthetic Alignment

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Inexpensive, easy to use and perfect for aligning the temporary prosthesis to the implant positions for final records.  Paired with OPTISPLINT, OPTISPLINT exocad Library and an intraoral scanner, these SCANCAPS are all you need to implement a fully digital workflow for final full arch prosthetics.  

  1. Scan the temporary prosthesis and the bite in the mouth,
  2. Remove the temporary prosthesis,
  3. Attach and lute OPTISPLINT scan bodies together in the mouth,
  4. Scan OPTISPLINT with the patient's tissue,
  5. Plug SCANCAPS into the analog positions on the temporary prosthesis. 
  6. Rescan the temporary prosthesis with the SCANCAPS in place
  7. Either desktop scan the OPTISPLINT Jig with SCANCAPS or pull the SCANCAP geometry from the OPTISPLINT exocad Library.  
  8. Align the temporary prosthesis' bite to OPTISPLINT implant positions using SCANCAPS as common data.

Gone is the initial appointment to take an impression so the lab can make an unverified model.  Gone is the need for the lab to make a verification jig.  Gone still is the need for the clinician to wait for the lab to know when they can schedule the patient back.  This is Digital Arches efficiency and innovation.

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