All-On-X Without Compromise

OPTISPLINT is compatible with guided, navigation or freehand surgeries, enables efficient digital workflows, converts to an accurate verified cast, and requires less steps than other systems.

We guarantee the accuracy of all OPTISPLINT KITS when they are used according to their instructions for use. All OPTISPLINT KITS are SINGLE PATIENT USE KITS.

Proven Clinical Accuracy

OPTISPLINT is the first and only universal verfication jig that can both be scanned for digital workflows and converted into a verfied stone cast.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

OPTISPLINT minimizes chair time with patients, saves clinicians the cost of superfluous implant components and helps labs deliver better quality prosthetics.

Simple Elegant Design

OPTISPLINT eliminates the need for expensive photogrammetry, messy impressions, flimsy verfication jigs, or overly complex stackable guide systems.

Featured Products

OPTISPLINT® Starter Package
Everything you need to be successful with your first OPTISPLINT case for one affordable package price. If you are buying OPTISPLINT for the first time, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing this starter package to ensure a successful outcome for surgery or final prosthetics.   The OPTISPLINT...
OPTISPLINT® Single-Arch Kit
ALL-ON-X WITHOUT COMPROMISE OPTISPLINT Kits effectively eliminate the need for photogrammetry without any of its limitations.  OPTISPLINT enables fully digital immediate load workflows for All-on-4 with only an intraoral scanner.  OPTISPLINT can be paired with a desktop scanner and CADCAM to produce passive fitting final prosthetics...
From $295.00
From $295.00
OPTIWELD™ Dual-Cure Composite
The best composite material for luting OPTISPLINT Jigs must have the following qualities. Dual-cure so it cures hard even where light does not reach under the frame. White, which is much easier to scan than pink. High viscosity so it doesn't drip all over...
From $75.00
From $75.00
OPTIWELD(ER)™ Mixing Gun
OPTIWELD too difficult to express through the mixing tip with just a syringe?  OPTIWELD(ER) is the answer you've been looking for.  Say goodbye to sore hands and tennis elbow, this mixing gun will pump out that OPTIWELD like a newborn baby boy getting their...