Certified Educational Partners


Dr. Ryan Dunlop has become the godfather of digital full arch workflows. Alumni of FAM are a veritable who's who of the full arch world. A true visionary and innovator, Dr. Dunlop was the first to gather all of the needed technology in one place, validate them, and share his experience with his course participants. This is a truly comprehensive course that is meant to empower clinicians to return to their practices with all the knowledge and tools to establish a thriving full arch practice.

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Alliance Training

In an exclusive partnership with Straumann, Charles Banh has created a one stop shop to learn digital workflows for dental labs and clinicians. In the same way that he has innovated new digital workflows to simplify clinical processes, Alliance Training is innovating new delivery methods to provide comprehensive education to clinicians and labs. We are honored that they have chosen to teach OPTISPLINT in their digital full arch curriculum.

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Cornerstone Dental Seminars

Cornerstone Dental Seminars was founded on Dr. Jeremy Bewley's passion for educating his fellow clinicians paired with his passion for helping his fellow veterans. In partnership with the local VA, clinicians attending CDS courses have the opportunity to treat deserving live patients in a state-of-the-art educational facility. It has been inspiring to help Dr. Bewley develop a digital full arch course featuring OPTISPLINT that will provide new smiles to men and women who have sacrificed the most for our nation.

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Dental Implant Hero

Dr. Clark Brinton is the kind of educator that you will never stop learning from. While other educators find a routine that they will use over and over again like a comedian, Dr. Brinton never stops innovating and looking for new ways to be better, faster and cheaper. And when he makes a breakthrough, he will be sharing it at his next course or through an online module. Together with his innovative inner circle, he has taken his educational platform as far as Nepal and Hawaii.

Join us in Maui on November 2-4, 2023 experience the bleeding edge of digital full arch workflows.

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