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With CHROME GUIDED SMILE, ROE Dental Lab established themselves as the leader for All-on-X workflows. Their commitment to testing new technology, developing new workflows and creating their own innovative products is the foundation that our two companies built our partnership on. If you want to implement the latest technology for All-on-X in your lab, look no further than ROE Dental Lab.

ROE Dental Lab Website
  • JB Dental Lab, Tempe, AZ

    JB dental lab was the first lab in the country to implement full arch workflows with photogrammetry. They continue to lead the way with continuous investment in new technology, training and becoming an early adopter for OPTISPLINT. JB dental lab is the EZ choice for a digital full arch dental lab. And their EZ Arch concept is not getting enough attention.

    JB Dental Lab 
  • Full Arch Masters Lab, Fresno, CA

    Full Arch Masters Lab is an exclusive service available only to alumni of Full Arch Masters courses. As the originators of the digital full arch workflow, FAM alum enjoy the reliability of technicians who are constantly at the cutting edge of the latest workflows and technologies. Join this exclusive club by signing up for one of FAM's courses.

    Full Arch Masters 
  • Ceramics West Dental Lab, Tigard, OR

    When you ask Straumann who the leading lab for digital workflows is, they will point directly to Charles at Ceramics West. By incorporating OPTISPLINT into his unique and innovative digital workflows, he is simultaneously elevating the way labs and clinicians learn how to use OPTISPLINT with his Alliance Training platform.

    Ceramics West Dental Lab 
  • MASTER'S ARCH by Sean Han, Phoenix, AZ

    With years of clinical experience and his signature prosthetics, Sean has established himself as one of the most sought after international educators for All-on-X. We couldn't be more proud to call him a partner and a friend. Catch us together soon teaching the world about OPTISPLINT.

  • Louisiana Dental Implant Lab, Lafayette, LA

    Founder of Implants in Black and White, inventor of the Vortex Screw, and author of numerous clinical studies, Dr. Danny Dominique somehow improves everything he puts his mind to. We learn something new every time he shows us his OPTISPLINT cases and it is an honor to innovate along side him.

    Lousiana Dental Implant Lab 
  • FMR Digital Center, Edgewood Cliffs, NJ

    In the early days of PG, Sander Polanco was one of the first guys to develop and teach a fully digital workflow for full arch cases. His clinical expertise is rooted in years of being the primary lab technician for Advanced Prosth programs in NY. This combination of the old and new is exactly what OPTISPLINT was created for.

    FMR Digital Center 
  • The Dental Lab, Bristol, PA

    They say that you can either be great at one thing or just fine at a number of things. Somehow the Dental Lab is great at everything they do. From developing economical solutions for large DSOs to delivering highly esthetic full arch dental implant prosthetics to specialists, there is no limit to their potential. We can't wait to witness what they do with OPTISPLINT.

    The Dental Lab 
  • Power Dental Studio, Chicago, IL

    Founded in response to a need for better designs and prosthetics for digital full arch workflows, Power is known for their advanced expertise, high quality designs and master technicians. Jeremy and Brittany have gathered an incredible team together and they have a vision for exponential growth.

    Power Dental Studio 
  • [ELEMENT] Dental Lab, Beaverton, OR

    Founded on the premise that high quality dental restorations are built on a foundation of education and collaboration, Element dental lab is committed to elevating the dental practices that entrust them with their patients. We too have been elevated with their partnership and expertise.

    Element Dental Lab 
  • CYBERCERAMICS Digital Dental Studio, Orange, CA

    Ben Ahn has gathered a team of known artists who happen to choose teeth as their canvas. Each ceramist has their own style and flair, and every prosthesis is uniquely made for each patient they work with. Cyberceramics has been making OPTISPLINT look good since day one.

  • Digital Smile Solutions, San Diego, CA

    Lenny Glionna was the first outside designer to use OPTISPLINT early in our development. He's seen every iteration and has been instrumental in helping us better understand how designers can use OPTISPLINT to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of their designs. He was also our first customer. And we are grateful.

    Digital Smile Solutions 
  • Techsource Dental, Dallas, TX

    In North Texas, Techsource Dental is renowned for providing concierge level collaborative design with their digital acumen and functional knowledge. Utilizing Techsource’s expertise in all things digital, OPTISPLINT was the key to tapping into the vast local full arch market. Where they are the first to provide a fully digital full arch workflow as a service in Texas.

    Techsource Dental 
  • Haupt Dental Lab, Brea, CA

    John Haupt has been converting dentures for more than 40 years in SoCal and is still the most sought after full arch technician in the area. It falls on his son Ryan to help usher in the digital age at HDL and show their legacy customers that while there will never be a replacement for his father, OPTISPLINT's digital workflow is their best alternative.

    Haupt Dental Lab 
  • Functional Art Studio, Bend, OR

    When you look for a lab to help you with your full arch cases, you work with the guy who has walked through the fire and emerged stronger on the other side. In the heat of the moment, you want the guy who will not only stick the landing, but do it with style and artestry. That is the very definition of Gaetano's team at

    Functional Art Studio 
  • 3D Bite Lab, Maui, HI

    Built to accelerate the adoption of in office 3D printing, 3D Bite Lab's mission is to make 3D printing easy and accessible to any dental office. Every case is designed and reviewed by dentists. A truly seamless end-to-end design to print solution, every case is presupported, customized and ready to print.

    3D Bite Lab