OPTIWELD™ Dual-Cure Composite - INV
OPTIWELD™ Dual-Cure Composite - INV

OPTIWELD™ Dual-Cure Composite - INV

The best composite material for luting OPTISPLINT Jigs must have the following qualities.

  • Dual-cure so it cures hard even where light does not reach under the frame.
  • White, which is much easier to scan than pink.
  • High viscosity so it doesn't drip all over the mouth when applying.
  • Cures hard and strong so the jigs are not fragile and won't break.
  • Low shrinkage to minimize the effect of polymerization shrinkage on the accuracy of the jig.
  • Low cost and high value.

OPTIWELD checks every box with the following product features.

  • Light-Cure in 30 seconds and self cure in 3-4 minutes.
  • A3.5 off white color and radiopaque
  • High viscosity similar to post-core material
  • High micro-tensile strength
  • 3.3% volumetric shrinkage.  Among the lowest values of all dual cure materials.
  • $75 for 8g tube.  
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